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Vintage 7™


     Vintage 7 the retro lamp which is perfect in every detail and beautiful. It can be used as a part of scenery but also as a strong light source. It use 7x300W halogen lamp. Each lamp can control individual. Linear digital dimmer for pefect dimmer system, V7 is not only a  simple light, but also a piece of art when stand there.

Specifications and Features:

• Lamp life: 2000 Hours

• Lamps: 7x300W Halogen Lamp

• Color: Warm White

• Pixel Control

• Beam Angle: 80

• Dimmer: Linear digital 0~100%

• DMX Modes: 1CH,6CH,7CH

• Preset programs with adjustable speed

• AC power: 230V,50/60Hz

• Max power consumption: 2100W

• Stand 3.5M

• Product Size: 95x19x79cm

• Carton Size: 105x29x90cm

• Net Weight: 13.4  KG

• Gross Weight: 18.1 KG

• Flightcase Size: 130x61x99cm 

Specifications and Features:

Lamp life: 2000 Hours

• Lamps: 7x300W Halogen Lamp

Color: Warm White

Pixel Control

Beam Angle: 80

Dimmer: Linear digital 0~100%

DMX Modes: 1CH,6CH,7CH

Preset programs with adjustable speed

AC power: 230V,50/60Hz

Max power consumption: 2100W

Stand 3.5M

Product Size: 95x19x79cm

Carton Size: 104x29x90cm

Net Weight: 13.4  KG

Gross Weight: 18.1 KG

Flightcase Size: 132x63x100cm