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LED Gobo Projector 200™


   200W LED gobo light projector with modularized component for convenient and easy removal. It fits 7 dichoric colors with index, shake, bi-directional rotating rainbow effect, 7 changeable rotating gobos with shake, bi-directional rotating rainbow effect. A small access panel on the top of the LED projector for outdoor advertising is used for changing image gobos. The convenient design of our waterproof IP65 200W LED rotating custom gobo projector makes customers arrange various of image easily to match different application scenarios. 

Features and Functions:

- LEDs: 200W LEDs
- Lifespan: 50000 Hours
- Color Temperature: 6800K
- Zoom: 5°- 50° linear motorized
- Foucs: Motorized linear focus 
- Dimmer: Linear digital 0~100%
- 7 Dichoric Colors plus open
- Strobe: 1-25 Hz variable speed
- Index / Shake / Bi-directional rotating   
- 7 inter-changeable glass gobos plus open, Shake / Bi-directional rotating rainbow effect
- USITT DMX 512/1990
- DMX Modes: 8CH
- Sound (Audio) Active
- Auto Mode, Manual Mode
- Preset programs with adjustable speed
- Digital Display
- White (optional)
- AC power: 90V-240V,50/60Hz
- Max power consumption: 250W
- Power connection: Power in/Out
- DMX connection: 3pin DMX in and Out
- Product Size: 206×378×344mm
- Gross Weight: 13 KG
- Net Weight: 11.5  KG